The Richard Ivey School of Business, Entrepreneurship Institute Scholarship for Entrepreneurship


The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize success and to encourage the development of entrepreneurship among youth in Canada through their participation in JA programs.

For close to a century, Ivey has been developing business leaders through a demanding and proven educational process based on the case study method; Ivey believes business leaders and entrepreneurs need to cultivate a unique way of exploring, analyzing and finding solutions to challenging business issues.

The Richard Ivey School of Business mission is to develop leaders who think globally, act strategically and contribute to the societies within which they operate. The Entrepreneurship Institute mission is to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit throughout Ivey and improve the economic security and sustainability of venturing for entrepreneurs worldwide; the Institute strives to be a catalyst to foster the attainment of dreams, and an improved standard of living for all.


One cash scholarship in the amount of $1,500.


  • All students enrolled in Company Program for the current program year that will be graduating secondary school before June 30, 2017 and entering an accredited college or university the following school year.

  • The applicant must have maintained attendance of 80% in their Company Program.

  • The applicant must adhere to the rules and regulations concerning this scholarship including the completion of all requested documentation in the application package requirements.

  • The application form must be signed by the applicant and his/her parent or legal guardian if the applicant is under 18 when the application package is submitted.


“What skills are needed to be a successful entrepreneur? How did effective or ineffective teamwork impact the results achieved by your JA company?”

Application Requirements

  • A 500 word personal statement on award topic. Please upload your document to Google Drive. Link will be required in online application. If need help with loading your document, please click here.

  • Two recommendation letters; 1 from your local JA office, 1 from a teacher, parent/guardian or a community leader (JA volunteer or employer) who is familiar with the applicant. Link to these documents will be required in online application.

  • A résumé highlighting the applicant's student activities, volunteer experience outside of school, extracurricular activities/hobbies and any leadership positions held In these activities. Complete LinkedIn profile will be accepted if appropriate.

  • Completion of online application.


  • The applicant must be involved in some form of community service; “community service” refers to any type of involvement in a community organization, from office work, fund-raising, to traditional volunteer activities; Preference will be given to the applicant involved with youth or children.

  • Recipient must sign a release form and agree to have his/her name published in association with JA Canada and the scholarship.

Application Process

  1. The applicant submits the complete application online by March 10, 2017.

  2. Application packages will be reviewed by a panel.

  3. The winner will be notified in the Spring of 2017.

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