Company Program


Hand over the keys to success.  A prosperous community and strong economy is in the hands of our future entrepreneurs and leaders of well-managed companies.

Company Program - A Student Venture inspires high school students to understand the role of business in our society by creating an enterprise of their own.  

By collaborating with professional volunteer consultants to design, organize and operate a real business, students experience how a small enterprise functions.  These new entrepreneurs work within the structure of our Canadian economic system and realize the benefits it provides.  

Company Program offers new possibilities for the next generation of successful start-ups.

  • Discover the risks and rewards of starting a business

  • Systematically solve actual business challenges

  • Demonstrate the importance of ethical standards in business

  • Foster positive relationships between youth and business communities

Key Outcomes

  • Improved employability, workforce readiness and awareness of new career opportunities

  • Enhanced critical-thinking, presentation and leadership skills

  • Appreciation of entrepreneurial qualities

  • Greater understanding of personal responsibility

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