The Canadian Chamber of Commerce Company of the Year Award


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the national leader in public policy advocacy on business issues and represents more than 170,000 businesses. Their goal is to foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses of all sizes in all sectors across Canada.


Achievers and advisors from the winning company receive certificates. The local JA Charter office and sponsoring company each receive a plaque.


All Companies enrolled and established in Company Program for the 2015-2016 program year.

Attendance must average at least 80% over the program year.

Sales should be evenly distributed among all company members; each Achiever must have sold at least 2 products.

Company records must be complete and accurately reflect the company’s business position.

There must be evidence of shareholders/investors having received a minimum return on their original investment of at least 1%.

JA staff must have witnessed good teamwork throughout the program year.

The company must have presented an acceptable shareholders’/financial report

The applicant must adhere to the rules and regulations concerning the award including the completion of all requested documentation in the application package requirements.

Application Requirements

The application form.

Staff statement of verification.

Attachment with names of Achievers, advisors and Counseling Firm involved.

Completed company by-law and business plan including budget exercise.

Minutes of all management meetings and board meetings.

Annual shareholders/investors report.

No outstanding accounts payable or receivable.

Evidence of shareholders/investors/partners having received a minimum return on their original investment of at least 1%.

Payment of profits tax at 50% of net profit before tax.

Overhead, wages, salary and commissions equal to or greater than those set out in the advisor/consultant manual.

A sample product or photograph of the product produced or the service provided.


Recipient must sign a release form and agree to have his/her name published in association with JA Canada and the award.

Application Process

1. The applicant submits the complete application to their Charter office by May 10th, 2017.

2. Application packages will be reviewed by a panel.

3. The winner will be notified in the Spring of 2017.

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