"I made the decision to go to university and pursue business, and JA was a critical turning point because had absolute confidence that this is what I wanted to do." - Alison L., JA Alumni

For many students, the transition from high school to post-secondary education or employment can be overwhelming.  Students often feel their high-school experiences haven't adequately prepared them to meet the demands of university, a career, or living on their own.

Through JA's newly updated Economics for Success Program, students in grades 8-10 plan an education and career path.  They gain a stronger sense of who they are and how to use their strengths to succeed in the future.

Economics for Success leaders make learning fun by using games and multimedia to boost students' self-confidence and help them apply the lessons to their lives immediately.

By the end of this program, students will discover which career path best suits their needs, as well as how to get to where they want to be as adults.  This will help them set goals, seize opportunities, and create a future that fuels their passions.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn why it's important to stay in school and explore post-secondary options
  • Gain an understanding of what life is like after high school
  • Map their interests, skills and passions to possible careers
  • Learn how to network, identify a mentor, and create a strong personal brand
  • Create a budget to prepare for the financial reality of post-secondary life
  • Develop strategies that will help them achieve their goals


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